Businesses can get affected by more than just normal industry cycles. With expansion in operations, businesses face increasing challenges that are more complex in nature than a simple domestic demand slowdown or operational bottlenecks, particularly in the globalised environment. A combination of adverse global and local factors can push profitable businesses into a spiraling debt trap very rapidly. While several companies are able to steer through these adverse economic conditions, some companies get caught in a financial quagmire leading to severe liquidity constraints. An expert team with in-depth understanding of the debt restructuring processes is required to help a company steer through the strain.
A successful restructuring process involves the following essential elements :
Assessment of sustainable debt in the given circumstances
Dealing with unsustainable debts innovatively
Approaching lenders and other stakeholders with definitive strategies
Devising strategies and instruments for raising additional funds for operations as well as for refinancing existing debt
At Edelweiss we have a very competent team offering comprehensive debt restructuring solutions, both under the formal Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR) mechanism as well as negotiations with lender/consortium of lenders. Our team of senior ex-bankers and restructuring specialists have unparalleled experience of restructuring debts worth over Rs. 75,000 crores, and an ability to provide complete solutions and support to the Corporates.

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- Debt Restructuring

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